I have posted the things that most people ask me about. When you come to visit here at Riverstead Bernese Mountain Dogs and Puppies we will go over the COMPLETE contract and discuss anything that you need clarified. My contract is flexible and can be adjusted to reflect each individual's abilities, needs and desires.  

This is NOT my complete contract.  


  • The Buyer(s) agrees to take this pup, to be examined by a Veterinarian within (4)four days of receipt at the Buyer(s) expense. The Buyer(s) will be sure to tell the Veterinarian at time of health check visit, any instructions they have received from the Breeder. The Buyer(s) will send the Breeder proof of health check and veterinarian examination to be received within 14 (fourteen) days of possession. 
  • The Buyer(s) acknowledges that this dog has been sold as a pet on a non-breeding/co-ownership contract. Under no circumstance will the Buyer(s) or any other person use this dog for breeding purposes. Failure to comply will result in legal action taken, for the return of this dog to the Breeder.
  • The Buyer(s) agrees to attend puppy kindergarten and obedience classes to assure proper socialization and training. 
  • The Buyer(s) agrees that this dog will be maintained in a manner consistent with its good health, safety and not be allowed to become obese.
  • The Buyer(s) will follow the feeding, grooming and exercise instructions received from the Breeder. 
  • This dog will receive annual exams from an accredited Veterinarian. 
  • In the event a fenced yard is required for the dog, the Buyer(s) agrees that the definition of an adequate fence will be determined by the Breeder. The adequate fence does not include a split rail, electric, or invisible fence.
  • The dog will not wear a pinch, cleat (also known as prong) collar, a choke chain or any similar article around the neck for the purpose of training, or correcting.  The dog shall when outside, be required to wear a collar displaying the home address and the county license.  A leash is required when the dog is taken out in a public area which enforces a leash law. 
  • The Buyer(s) agree that under no circumstances will the dog be trained to develop a dual personality. As defined: no protection, attack, schutzhund, or guard dog training is permitted. The dog will not be encouraged to show any aggressive or agitated behavior. The dog will not be maintained as property or for the purpose of being a deterrent due to size, appearance, or display and encouragement of territorial behavior. 
  • The Buyer(s) shall refrain from physical abuse of the animal and from otherwise treating the animal in an inhumane manner.
  • The dog shall reside indoors in the Buyer(s) home and live as a family member and companion only. 
  • The dog shall not be tethered, chained or otherwise staked on a lead or runner, inside and or outside as a means of containment. 
  • The dog will not ride in the back of a pickup truck under any circumstances including in a cage/kennel, or tied.  The dog shall not remain in any vehicle in extreme heat, even with windows down, or extreme cold, alone and/or unattended for any amount of time.
  • If at any time, for any reason, the Buyer(s) are no longer able to keep this dog, they agree to return the dog to the Breeder; or the Breeder will assist the Buyer(s) in placing the dog in a new home that the Breeder has first agreed on. This applies also to family members.  The Buyer(s) understands fully that the ownership of this dog cannot be transferred without the written consent of the Breeder. 
  • That under no condition or at any age will this dog be euthanize without the Breeder's consent, unless death is eminent due to trauma and recommended as the only IMMEDIATE course of action by an accredited Veterinarian.
  • That this dog will receive at twelve and sixteen weeks of age a repeat of the Distemper, Adenovirus, Para influenza and Parvovirus vaccinations, (DAPP). At sixteen months of age; (one year later) a booster will be given and then the (DAPP) vaccine will be repeated ONLY once more, at four years old, and only after a titers test deems it as necessary.  That this dog will not receive another vaccination after that age. Vaccines are good for a minimum of three years and a Bernese at seven years old is considered a veteran. Veterans will not be vaccinated.  The Buyer(s) agrees that a Rabies vaccine will not be given before the age of six months and only if the Buyer(s) and Breeder have agreed that a Rabies vaccine is warranted. 
  • If the dog becomes lost, stolen, seriously injured, and/or permanently disfigured, or for any reason the dog dies the Breeder must be notified immediately. The Buyer(s) agrees to notify the Breeder of address or change of environment that will affect the dog or any incident involving animal control and/or complaints arising from said ownership of the dog.                            


  • At the time of this agreement, the Breeder guarantees this puppy to be in good health, to be a good representative of the breed in both type and temperament. If the puppy is found to be in poor health, or unsatisfactory, the puppy may be returned within four (4) days of receipt and the Breeder will refund the purchase price only. It is understood that the Breeder is not responsible for any Veterinarian expenses, shipping and or travel expenses.
  • If, by twenty-four months of age, this puppy is found to have severe hip or elbow dysplasia, requiring euthanasia or major surgery, as determined by The Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA). Upon receipt of written documentation from O.F.A. to this fact and the radio graphic evidence presented to the Breeder and their Veterinarian, the Breeder agrees to the return of the puppy to Riverstead for further assessment and care, with a replacement puppy offered at no cost from the next available litter. Or a full refund paid directly towards medical bill for the treatment of said puppy. 
  • The dog will be micro chipped and the number registered with the CanKC on a non-breeding/co-ownership contract. The registration showing the new owner(s) name(s)as co-owner(s) will be completed at time of purchase at the Breeder expense. Once the Breeder receives proof of spaying/neutering, the CanKC registration will be transferred at Breeder expense, to show the Buyer(s) of the above dog to be the solo owners.
  • The Buyer(s) will be provided with a Veterinarian health and vaccination record stating this dog has left Riverstead in good health, having received all necessary shots for a dog of this age as determined by the Breeder and received appropriate treatment for any possible parasites.
  • The Breeder will supply the Buyer(s) with a minimal of one week food. This does not apply to any dog traveling via airplane, unless the Buyer(s) wish to cover shipping cost of food.
  • The puppy will be placed with six weeks health insurance provided and by the Breeder through Pet Secure. The Buyer(s) agree that the policy or an equivalent policy will be maintain and not allowed to falter due to lack of monthly payments, until the dog has reached an age of two years old. Failure to do so will release the breeder from any and all health guarantees. 


(may or may not apply. This is an area where each individual contract can be adjusted to reflect the families abilities, needs and desires.) 

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